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NPOS is a Professional Practice Group(PPG) that is the voice of RN(NP)s speaking in the public interest. PPGs are bound by the mandate, mission, vision and ends of the SRNA and work closely with the SRNA on practice and regulatory issues affecting RN(NP)s. NPOS is a partner with the national body of Canadian Advanced Practise Nurses (CAAPN) and serves as the provincial voice on professional issues.

NPOS primary purpose is to raise awareness of the RN(NP) role. NPOS is served by a voluntary executive elected by the membership.  NPOS co-sponsors an annual NP Education Day with SANP and maintains this web site. We invite you to browse our site and learn how registered nurse (nurse practitioners) contribute to the Saskatchewan health care system. If you are an RN(NP), a student in a nurse practitioner program, a registered nurse interested in advanced nursing practice or a registered nurse working with RN(NP)s, we invite you to join NPOS. You must be an SRNA member.

The goals of NPOS are to:

  1. Provide an opportunity for nurse practitioners to meet regularly as members of NPOS for the purpose of:
    • studying, discussing and exchanging information in aspects related to the role of the nurse practitioner
    • accessing/supporting research to facilitate improvements in nursing practice and health care
    • facilitating the development of the role and scope of practice of nurse practitioners
  2. Promote established standards of nursing practice for nurse practitioners and assist in the development of future standards for the evolving role of nurse practitioners in Saskatchewan and Canada.
  3. Participate in the Canadian Association of Advanced Practice Nurses (CAAPN) and link with other nurse practitioner groups throughout the country. (See links for links to provincial NP groups).
  4. Encourage members to participate in their professional association: Saskatchewan Registered Nurses’ Association.


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