Message from the Chairperson

presidentThe Nurse Practitioners of Saskatchewan Professional Practice Group of the SRNA has had an exciting and productive year. Thanks to the work of our executive we have accomplished many good

In May of 2014 the final touches were added to our constitution which was approved and passed.

The executive met in Saskatoon, to develop a strategic plan for the coming year. A survey was sent out to NP’s asking what concerns they would like brought forth; how we could educate other health care providers and the public, if they felt isolated in their practice. From this survey a strategic plan was developed.

The executive passed in an initiative to reimburse executive members for their time and effort for serving on the executive. Executive expense claims for business can be submitted and will be evaluated for approval by the executive on an individual basis. Each member will receive an
educational grant of $50.00 for an attendance to executive meetings initiative.

The executive has created an award that will be given at next years educational conference banquet.

We updated our website and this is going to be a work in progress for coming years. We now have a more efficient website for membership log in and membership renewal.

We decided to hire a PR consultant to work on our branding, develop the key messages to describe our role, redo our logo, and produce a educational video showcasing the role of the NP. A sub committee of people outside the executive were invited to attend this PR consulting group.

A communication plan was developed. A request was sent to the Ministry to request a Nurse Practitioner Day. Minister Duncan granted that request and declared April 27th Nurse Practitioner Awareness Day. A Flag was designed and raised at the legislature building an NP awareness day was proclaimed in the legislature that day.

We hired a graphic designer to create our new logo. It will be on display at the conference.

Birdsong communications was hired to produce a video promoting and bringing visibility to the NP role. It took 4 months to select the participants, develop the key messages, produce and edit this video. Birdsong has done a great job of this for us.

We have applied for and received many grants from the SRNA to continue our work. We received an Education grant, PPG grant, a special PPG grant for our strategic planning meeting and a $2,000.00 grant for our gala.

The SRNA has put communications from our group in the SRNA news bulletin thru out the year. They have also sent out many communiques to the NP community on our behalf for which we are thankful. We have received good responses from the membership from these communiques.

We have been invited by the SRNA to participate in the collaborative practice meetings with the physicians to establish a collaborative practice statement. We have attended 4 meetings to date with more to come. The progress we have made on this front is very encouraging.

We joined the American Association of Nurse Practitioner as a group member. I will be attending their conference in June in New Orleans this year. One of the topics is on NP Quantitative Analysis. I look forward to bringing back some information we may be able to use with our goals.

I toured the Winnipeg Quick Care clinic in the fall. These clinics have been set up strategically beside emergency departments to reduce the burden of care to hospital emerg departments. They are solely run by NP’s. Spoke to some patients who were very pleased with their care. Also spoke to RN’s in emerg who worked with NP’s in emerg departments. NP’s in Winnipeg are in all the hospital emerg departments during peak times. Nurses who worked with the NP’s commented they really liked having an NP in the department. I have gleaned some very good information from this tour that I hope to have an opportunity to share in the future.

The Lt. Governor hosted our Nurse Practitioner Awareness Day Gala at Government house the evening of April 27th.

All Nurse Practitioners in Saskatchewan received her honors invitation. Approximately 100 people attended, many dignitaries, participants of the video and large representation of NP’s were there.

A processional of dignitaries, NPOS executive and the LT Governor were piped in to the event. Our promotional video was premiered. We presented the SRNA with the flag from the flag raising as a gift to them for their encouragement and support of our PPG. Gifts and celebratory greetings were
exchanged followed by a reception of food and wine, with musical entertainment.

The SRNA media took video and pictures of this historic day, as a gift to us. A book to commemorate the event is being entertained.

The flag raising, proclamation and gala was a great way to celebrate this historic event.

The gala was a very cherished gift to us from the Lt Governor and we are greatly appreciative to her Honour the Honourable Vaughn Solomon Schofield for hosting this event.

We have sponsored 3 NP students to attend the educational conference this year. 2 students have indicated a desire to be part of our executive next year.

I would encourage any of you who would like to work with us on supporting and promoting the role of the NP to join our executive team. We have a challenging year ahead.

Respectfully Submitted,

Deanna Barlow RN NP


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